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Chris and I have an ongoing joke every night that he loves his cell phone more than me. He’s on it constantly. Every night before bed he spends half an hour browsing Facebook, the internet, and his e-mail.  I swear, if I didn’t know any better I’d think it was permanently attached to his hand. I kid, I kid. Sort of.

Bedside Printable from Crafty Wife

Last month, he sent a picture similar to the one above with the caption, “see, this means I love you”! I thought the picture was really cute and decided to share it on my Facebook page with all of you. I was surprised how many of you said your husbands/significant others liked to lay in bed and stare at their phones too. I finally knew I wasn’t alone! Should we start a club?  Or at least a support group?

Since we are re-doing our Master Bedroom (trust me, it needs it!) I thought I’d make the print to match the color scheme. And, because so many of you loved the print, I thought I’d share some free downloads!

Bedside Printable from Crafty Wife

Click on the above picture to take you to the free download.  You can also find a different color scheme in there, since I know not everyone is going to have a grey and blue bedroom like us!

Bedside Printable from Crafty Wife

I have to say that Chris was pretty excited about this print going on his nightstand.  He’s been asking me if I was going to make my own version of the printable for weeks, but I put it off until I could get him to agree on a color scheme for our bedroom.  Now it has a nice place to sit along with some fresh flowers.  I’m girling up his old bachelor pad one step at a time.  It’s only been four years….Baby steps guys.  Baby steps.

Is your significant other obsessed with their phone?

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