Simple Musical Onesie

My love of music runs pretty deep.  I remember, as a kid, wanting to rent Julie Andrew’s live version of Cinderella every single time I was sick from Blockbuster.  It was my go-to movie.  And as I got older I would sit and watch My Fair Lady, The Music Man, and others constantly.  And when I wasn’t watching them I was listening to the soundtracks.  I’m sure it drove my parents crazy (actually, I know it did).

The one thing I hoped for when I was pregnant was that I’d pass on my love of music to our little one.  I’ve always loved music, and listening to live music or watching others perform on tv always helps me relax.  It seems like the little man gets that from me because nothing calms him down like me singing to him.  So to celebrate that, I made him his very own musical onesie.  Because, why not?

This simple musical onesie is the perfect way to celebrate your love of music and to share it with your little ones! [ad]

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