Brighten up your front door with a simple Spring Garden Wreath to celebrate the warmer weather that this season brings!
Make a organized card station to keep track of all of your Hallmark greeting cards so you can send smiles to family and friends for any occasion! #ad
Save some money!  Here are 15 free things at Disney World.


Harry Potter Laundry Sign

One of my favorite HP storylines that they left out of the movies was Hermione and her quest for equal rights for the elves (also known as S.P.E.W.).  Every girl I knew loved Hermione and her strong will and determination, so it only seemed right to start the week off with my favorite character from the books.  And because, lately, Chris has been complaining about the lack of sock pairs in his sock drawers I thought it was only fitting to make a Harry Potter laundry sign.

Pay homage to Hermione and S.P.E.W. with this fun Harry Potter laundry sign! Use it to collect lost socks and spare galleons and support the promotion of elfish welfare.

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